Penya Africa, founded in 2008 by Nynke Nauta and Robert Wawesh as a company limited by guarantee started out as a record label. Among the labels first signings were Sauti Sol, Dela, Muthoni the Drummer Queen, Stan and Just a Band. In 2010, Natalie Lukkenaer joined the team and brought in the Sauti Academy artist development program that she had founded a year earlier. She then took over as Executive Director of Penya Africa in 2011. With the ever-changing music industry, Penya has undergone a transformation from record label to artist development program, focused on developing talented singers into professional artists who can manage themselves.

In our artist development programs we nurture independent musical talent by inspiring creativity and enhancing both musical and business skills. Practically we guide vocalists in their musical journey. We have programs that suit both the most talented singers as well as people who love singing to relax their minds and feel good about their lives. Among our 400+ alumni are award winning artists H_art the Band, Elani, Willy Paul, Suzziah, Band BeCa, Jahmby Koikai and Phy.

At Sauti Academy, we believe that music is one of the most powerful instruments for changing societies from the grassroots level. This change can be recognized through creating role models to inspire young people in society, spreading positive messages of change and interacting practically with those who are needy in society and giving them the instruments to create change for themselves.