Sauti Academy September auditions

We are excited to officially announce the September 2016 intake auditions for our prestigious artist development program Sauti Academy. On the 3rd of September from 9am, we will be searching for the next class of talented, unique and ambitious singers, rappers and poets to join us, #TheSautiMovement.

The first round audition requirements are:

-Prepare 2 songs in two different languages/musical genres with an instrumentalist (either guitar/keyboard).

-Singing your own composition is allowed, but always prepare a cover too

-You have to showcase musicality (singing in tune, with good rhythm and flow and dynamics), a basic understanding of lyrical interpretation, musical ambition and willingness to learn and take feedback positively.

Remember that instrumentals will NOT be allowed during the auditions, neither for the rappers and poets. So you have to invest time into rehearsing with an instrumentalist. For the first time in our history, we will NOT provide an instrumentalist to play for you. So come prepared!